It’s fun to let your hair down

Our fun and also awesome friend Terry Goldman can dish out teasing and take a fair amount too.  He turned us on to this fun website where you can insert a picture of yourself into hairstyles from the 50′s through the 90′s.  Ian and I tried it out and came up with these.  Ian thought [...]

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“Make it pretty”

“Make it pretty” is the comment I have heard from Lucy for quite a while now when it is time to fix her hair.  Lately, Eli has become interested in this task, and the activity of making Lucy’s hair pretty captures the attention of both children for up to 30 minutes.  Who knew he would take [...]

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We had a meeting this last week to talk about the transition before we leave for Africa…how to manage once Ian’s sweet county job ends the 1st of December, details of what him working for Orphans Overseas here in the States will look like, and speculation over when our adjusted departure date might be. Our [...]

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