We had a meeting this last week to talk about the transition before we leave for Africa…how to manage once Ian’s sweet county job ends the 1st of December, details of what him working for Orphans Overseas here in the States will look like, and speculation over when our adjusted departure date might be.

Our family will undergo a transition in December as Ian leaves his current position as a LPC and integrates into the world of fundraising, foreign relations and some good old fashioned grunt work (never hurt anyone btw).  I am excited to see him a bit earlier in the evenings for more family walks and hairbrained ideas that don’t generally get carried out on his work nights.

Well, we’re not looking to depart before March 2009, which brings sighs of relief (more time with family http://www.thefrahms.blogspot.com/, friends & Starbucks http://www.starbucks.com/) and some thoughts of “UGGH” as we reside in this transitional place some more.  We continue to believe that it all is in perfect timing though. 

My thoughts of packing, renting, flying for long lengths of time, AFRICA, returning back home, and baby(ies) at an advanced maternal age will just have to go on the back burner for a while!        

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