Who We Are

We are a U.S.-based, 100 percent volunteer run organization with the mission of coming alongside talented and passionate Kenyans empowering them to serve vulnerable children and families within their own community.

Ameena Project operates a community school called Ameena Centre in Kiang’ombe – a vulnerable and once isolated community near Thika, Kenya. The school serves children ages 3-8 years old. We employ dedicated Kenyan staff including a director, teachers, security guards and kitchen staff. Our students receive two nourishing meals a day and enjoy an engaging curriculum of learning and activities, preparing them for success in Kenyan primary school and beyond

We’ve seen our school become the heartbeat of the community with elders and family members uniting to help make the project a success. And for many in the community, they are, for the first time, viewing education as something attainable and important for their children. This has brought tremendous hope to the community that is now full of active and vibrant children.

Today, 95% of children who start at Ameena Centre successfully go on to local primary schools.

You can make a difference
Every dollar you give goes directly to Kenya to pay teachers and staff, fund meals, provide classroom supplies and maintain school facilities. No American involved in the program receives a paycheck or other compensation, meaning every dollar you give goes directly to the education and nourishment of the children of Kiang’ombe.

Percent of Ameena Centre graduates that go on to successfully attend primary school.

The Ameena Project Difference: Our promise to you

Cultural Competence

We respect the culture and traditions of the local communities of Kenya, specifically Kiang’ombe, where Ameena Center is located. We focus on empowering local leaders to be able to do what is right for their community. We recognize that local solutions are best for local problems.


Ameena Project strives for simplicity in all operations and management to maximize direct benefit. Keeping things simple and focused costs much less than the average U.S. non-profit. Simplicity is the key to making the most of donations and keeping our staff hard at work helping these children.


We leverage all of your financial donations to ensure the greatest impact of each dollar spent. We carefully evaluate all domestic operations to minimize needless expenses, and we critically evaluate our operations in Kenya to ensure efficiency and fiscal accountability on an ongoing basis.


Supporters of Ameena Project have the right to know exactly how we use donated funds and how we make financial decisions. We believe that regular communication with supporters – via newsletter and social media – is crucial to developing a vibrant giving community who feel deeply invested and committed to this cause.

Ameena Project is a unique opportunity to be intimately involved in something simple and unquestionably good.