Christmas: the usual, part 1

Ok, this blog is all messed up because the pictures won’t post like I want them to….but it’s just gonna have to do!  We woke up on Christmas to a very traditional time.  Stockings filled by Santa, a yummy breakfast made by dad, and presents under the tree.  Now, the stockings might have been stickered [...]

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It’s interesting to live in a foreign culture simply to experience all of the expectations and unique traditions that come along with the holidays. Kenya is a warm climate place (ever read that book “Foreign to Familiar”?) and relationships are of premier importance.  At no time is this more apparent than at Christmas.  We are asked [...]

Baby News

Ever since being about 9 weeks pregnant, and having a second ultrasound that showed that there was actually a baby in there, and that we were not in the middle of our 3rd miscarriage in a row, I have waited for this day. I briefly considered being amazing like some of my friends and waiting [...]

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Self image

I’m starting to think that Kenyan’s have a very  different idea on how to help children develop positive self image, well actually, a different idea on interacting with children in general. My first clue to this was the large Kenyan man working in the toy store that grabbed Lucy’s arm and said in a not [...]

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Meet me at the manger

That was the title of Eli’s school Christmas concert. I was pleasantly surprised by the content of the concert which very much had a “Christ”mas theme!   I was surprised because a great deal of the families that attend Eli’s school are either Hindu or Jain….so I expected some random meld of various world religions. Anyhow, [...]

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Thankful for Thanksgiving!

I’m a little behind in posts, but catching up.  *Smile*  We were so thankful to have Ian’s parents here in Kenya over the Thanksgiving Holiday.  It made being so far from home on a holiday much more bearable.   And, Ian’s mom makes some great Candied Yams (or were they sweet potatoes??), which we were happy [...]

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Baby takes a trip

Our good friends the Prins’s gifted Lucy with a Corelle (I think I’m spelling that right, but Nat, you can correct me since I don’t want to go into Lucy’s room while she’s asleep clutching it, to sneak a peak at the baby’s belly) doll.  I specifically remember Nat saying that these were the BEST dolls ever, [...]

Indian Ocean here we come!

Part 2 of our family vacation was a 5 night trip to the beach.  We used a missionary specific travel agent in planning our trip and got a pretty good deal on an all-inclusive family resort (I’ve never been to an all-inclusive before).  The morning after returning from our safari we set out early for [...]

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