And the ‘fari continues….

So we did this all more than a week ago, but it is Africa, and we were t.v. and computer free for essentially 2 weeks.  It was a nice break…..learning to just be still and smelling the dampened earth, exhaust free air, plumeria on the warm evening air.  I could go on and on.  Have I [...]

Our evening game drive in photos


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We’re going on a “fari” to see Dinosaurs!

Or at least that was Lucy’s version of our trip. Since arriving in Kenya in May, the extent of our exploring has been limited to day trips within driving distance of Nairobi. We have been looking forward to Ian’s parents visit because it means we have a wonderful reason to take some time off from [...]

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Big weekend…

Big weekend. Megan comes back to Kenya from her adventure in the US Ian’s parents arrive for a visit from Portland: And, this wonderful loaf in the oven that we are expecting turns 15 weeks new!  It is a relief to be over so much of the tiredness and nausea that I have had so [...]

Lucky Day

Anne and I play dumb games with each other all the time.   Take little bets, try to predict things, or guess things in advance just to entertain ourselves.  Since coming here we’ve taken to guessing what causes traffic jams, that we get stuck in pretty much whenever we go out.  Goes like this:  after about ten [...]

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Love at first sight

I don’t think I’ve ever really felt it, until now. This arrived at our house this week as a total surprise:                     It belonged to another ex-pat  who went back to the States in June and I had almost given up on the fact that it [...]

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Soup in summer is strange

I love soup.  That is one of my favorite things about fall in the northwest…cooking warm or spicy foods to warm you up after being out in the wind and rain of Portland. It’s never really like that here in Kenya.  It pretty much feels like summer year-round, so now, even though it is strange, we [...]

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A Kenyan Halloween

  I’ve never been real keen on the idea of Halloween….except that I love the whole costume and candy part. Around the first part of October, we received an email from the Embassy warden, who is basically an American in our area of Kenya assigned to keep other ex-pat Americans up-to-speed on security announcements and [...]

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