We’re going on a “fari” to see Dinosaurs!

Or at least that was Lucy’s version of our trip.

Since arriving in Kenya in May, the extent of our exploring has been limited to day trips within driving distance of Nairobi.
We have been looking forward to Ian’s parents visit because it means we have a wonderful reason to take some time off from work to explore a little more of Kenya.
We live in the Central Province of Kenya, specifically right outside of Thika.
Our vacation started with a few days of family recuperation in Thika, and then our driver from ACTS (African Christian Travel Service), George, picked us up on Tuesday at 6:30am. We were driving in a private van to the Masai Mara National Park.
George was great because he knew all of the back roads that Ian and I haven’t been able to figure out on our own. We traveled from Thika, to Ruiru, towards Kiambu and dropped into the back part of Limuru. Limuru is beautiful, lush and green. This is a typical picture of the countryside where there are numerous tea (and coffee) plantations:








From Limuru we traveled above and then down into the Rift Valley through the hot water town (supplies geothermal power producing 15% of Kenya’s total power) and Narok (their municipal council governs the Masai Mara Park). Along the way, before we got into the park, we saw these baboons and also many Thompson’s gazelles.










After about 7 hours of travel, 2 hours at least by incredibly rocky, bumpy dirt roads (that no American would dream of traveling by for any distance….think back roads of Idaho mountains riddled with huge sharp stones or an out of control massage chair), we arrived in the Masai Mara and at our accommodations: Sekenani Tented Camp.

Here we are walking from the dining area across a suspended swinging bridge to the reception area.








Here is our tent from the outside:








And the inside:








From there we had a quick lunch and then went out for an evening game drive….I’m gonna make you wait until tomorrow for the pictures because they will make a wonderful blog all by themselves!

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