In retrospect

Today is 3/29/2009.  I sat in church this morning and the last song in the set was Blessed Be Your Name.  We don’t sing this song a great deal at our church, I can recall that we have sung it exactly 2 other times since Sunday, August 24, 2008. Now before you go thinking I have a [...]


Well, not sold, sold….but we have sold someone on how cute our house is…and have found a renter! What a blessing to find a responsible, credit worthy, tenant worthy person in under a week! What a blessing too to have wonderful friends who have stepped up to help us with our home while we are in [...]

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Laser me….or not.

Well, I went to my consultation visit with Will Vision and Laser Centers.  The appointment took 2 hours! They did the basic eye exams, as well as checked eye pressure, and took an ultrasound scan of my eye to get it’s individual fingerprint and to map the corneal surface.  Amazing technology. He must be doing [...]

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Laser me!

Today I have my consultation appointment with Will Vision and Laser Centers to have Lasik surgery done: I’ve needed vision correction since junior high school or perhaps it was high school.  For the longest time I just didn’t wear glasses because I didn’t like how they looked, but my vision has gotten bad enough that [...]

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So many things, so little time

We’re getting into prep mode for leaving the country in hopefully a little over a months time.  There are so many things to wrap up and take care of.  Here is a sampling from our to do list: 1)  Find property manager & renter for house 2)  Pack up entire house & store 3) Get [...]

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This is a note I wrote today, so I wouldn’t forget how it happened: It’s about 10:15 on Tuesday, March 10th.  Ian just called to tell me to check his email.  I knew what that meant without even looking.   It is true.  Our work permits have come through.  I looked at the time on [...]

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The big money question….

Pretty much every day someone asks “Hey, any news about Kenya?”  Generally, this is followed by an apology of sorts on their part for asking, because they assume that I get asked that a lot.  Which is true.  I do.  But I’m never bothered by it. It is truly amazing that through it all, although [...]

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Sometimes technology isn’t all that

I’m sitting here typing on my work laptop.  It’s really a great computer.  Quick, trustworthy, basic.  It’s now 6 years old, and I’ve never had a problem with it. We had our home laptop for 3 1/2 years.  We loved it too.  Very little problems, except a battery that had to be replaced pretty often [...]

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We traveled to Idaho to spend Christmas at my brother’s newly remodeled (read totally gutted and redone) farm house. Here are Eli and Lucy on their way to the gate: Then we arrived, had some yummy home-made split pea soup made by my s-i-l Kori, and hung up the stockings.  Kori looked like this pretty [...]

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