Laser me….or not.

Well, I went to my consultation visit with Will Vision and Laser Centers.  The appointment took 2 hours!

They did the basic eye exams, as well as checked eye pressure, and took an ultrasound scan of my eye to get it’s individual fingerprint and to map the corneal surface.  Amazing technology.

He must be doing pretty well.  Dr. Will that is.  His offices just kept going, and going, and going.  The waiting room looked like something from Southern Living magazine or this:

But not quite as homey, and more commercial.  All of that said about his offices to get to the point of:  The boy is not hurting for income or clients, and probably won’t miss me…..or more importantly, my money.

So, I’m not totally sold on getting the Lasik done now.  Here’s why.

Your eyes can be dry for months, especially for the farsighted surgery (which my bad eye is)……probably NOT ideal in dusty Kenya.

Your surgery may not take the first time, and you must wait 3 months to get the touch-up surgery, but have to get it done before a year….again, hard to do from KENYA.

In the slight case that your eye becomes infected, you would need to take steroids and be seen by Dr. Will.   Again, think he’ll fly over to Africa for the consultation?

Ok, so…I think my second best option is to wait and get the surgery when we get back from Africa….and

Go pick out a rockin’ pair of back-up glasses, and perhaps a sweet pair of prescription sunglasses for that matter.

Hah!!!  While searching on google images for a sweet sunglasses picture, look what I came across:

I might need this too!!!  What a hoot!

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