“You’ve been lost”

That’s the phrase a Kenyan will say to us if they haven’t seen us in a while.  It’s kind of cute.  I usually hear it from Godfrey, the guard at the gate to the Del Monte plantation that surrounds Eli’s school if I’ve been using a different road to get to the school and haven’t passed his way in a while.

I’ve been lost from this blog that became a blahg of the last few weeks….sorry for that.

Generally I kind find lots of fun or interesting or just plain unique factoids about living in Kenya to write about, even if our work here might be frustrating, or crazy, or just plain busy.  We try not to focus on the difficult things about the work here.

Last week though, a fundamental misunderstanding in the treatment of children, particularly involving one of mine, rocked my world.  It was one of the first times when I truly thought, “What in the world am I doing here?  And what in the world are these people thinking?”  I felt like crying for days.   I was an upset mommy bear who then became a down in the dumps momma bear.  It is difficult to come to terms with beliefs and behaviors that are fundamentally contrary to your way of being and interacting, especially when they affect your kid…..and you seem to be in the minority of belief.

So, I guess the cat is out of the bag.  Everything is not always roses and sugar over in Kenya, but I guess you all knew that already huh?  We have days where our resolve to be here is tested and when we wonder if we are making a difference at all….and then days when we know for sure that God has placed us here for a very definite purpose.  Thank you to each and every one of you that continue to encourage us in different ways, be it prayer, or emails, or letters or packages.  We need and appreciate them all.

Anyhow, here are recent pictures of my dear (not always sweet, but generally) Eli and Lucy:

Our version of a swimming pool

Our version of a swimming pool









Oct 2009 034










Ok, he looks goofy, but the boy is thrilled with this outfit

Ok, he looks goofy, but the boy is thrilled with this outfit. Don't mind the mess......

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