WWF isn’t real???

This last week Ian had an interesting conversation with a Kenyan man who will renamed nameless in order to protect the innocent (quite literally).

The conversation started out with a discussion of movies and the man asking Ian, “Why do they all hurt each other like that?”

“What do you mean, hurt each other?” Ian replied.

“Like killing each other, and shooting each other.  Doesn’t that hurt?” the Kenyan questioned.

“Well, it’s acting” Ian slowly said

“But in Terminator, that man pulled back his skin and there was metal under there!” exclaimed the Kenyan.

“Yeah, but that wasn’t real.”

“But there was metal inside his arm!”

Ian again, “But that is acting.”

Kenyan man getting frustrated that Ian was not understanding, “But what about the wrestling?  They must be really angry to do that to another.  They must be very dangerous to know those moves.”

Ian, “Uh, that’s just fake.”

“What do you mean?  They are jumping on each other and hitting each other.”  Kenyan man says very confused.

Ian, “No, it’s just acting, it is all planned out ahead of time, you know, like a script.  Actually, the Terminator is the governor of California!”

Kenyan man, “Ahhh, ohhhhh!”



And so the conversation continued.  I don’t think that Ian was successful in convincing this man that Terminator wasn’t really made of metal and was pulling his flesh off.  He’s right, that really would hurt!

Anyhow, in the spirit of our WWF story, thought I’d share a little WWF Lucy style that has been a favorite past time right when I am trying to shoosh them both to bed:

Africa June 09 106Africa June 09 107Africa June 09 104

Africa June 09 113

WWF is real in our house.

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