Why it Matters

He is the perfect example of everything we hope to achieve at Ameena Project. The doors of opportunity and hope have been opened for young Kennedy because all of you believed he deserved it and put your time, talents, and resources to work for his sake. Kennedy was one of our first students and finished the program successfully to enter the local school system healthy, eager, and ready to learn.

He rushed up to greet me with a huge smile and walked me by hand to his humble home to show off his proud achievement. Kennedy earned a nearly perfect score on his annual exams this year ranking him at the very top of his class.  1 of 6 children in his family he has overcome insurmountable barriers and is solidly on his way to becoming everything he was made to be.  

Little sister zainabu is following in his footsteps attending  Ameena Centre daily building the foundation she will need to thrive. His mom volunteers at the project and works with our staff to learn new ways to manage her scarce resources, family, and home.  Watching her children come alive to health, opportunity, and education is now a reality she had never before even dared to dream possible.

One day Kennedy will change the world for others, as you have changed the world for him.


The Ameena Project

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