Whole new meaning

to the phrase gift bags.

Because things cost so much to ship and to receive here by the mail system, we are often fortunate to have people bring things for us in their allowed baggage when they fly to visit in Kenya.

Such was the case when Ian’s parents visited (3 of their 4 bags they filled for us–talk about Christmas!) and again when the Lees visited us.  The risk with having things brought in suitcases can be the same as having things mailed though…..sometimes the bags just disappear never to be seen again (as has happened with a package in the mail from Ian’s parents).  Anyhow, this time, 1 of their 4 bags didn’t make it here to Kenya, and is lost somewhere in airport land in another country.  Boo.

But, 3 of their 4 bags eventually made it after about 4 days, and in those bags, our friends and family from the Northwest packed wonderful treats for our family.

Friends at home threw us a “virtual baby shower” as they called it, gathering together funds and baby items for little Miss May who will be arriving the first part of May.  What a wonderful blessing to receive.  Honestly, who gets gifts for a 3rd baby?  And no, it wasn’t a plot to move to Africa and get pregnant just so I’d receive this shower of blessings, but, I have to admit, I LIKE IT!

Here is a look at some of the things people sent us:

And Lucy and I enjoying going through them:

Can I just say that both Lucy and I LOVE baby hats?


We had to pause for a momma/daughter shot in the kitchen....


We also have some friends (and friends of friends, and family of friends friends)  that are great crafters and made us some wonderful handmade things that I adore:

Custom burp cloths made by good friends


Awesome beechwood (I think) teething/clutch sheep from a friend of a friend's sister! I LOVE these too!

Crocheted hats!

Any how, we are sooo thankful for all of these baby shower gifts….there were so many more than I could possibly list.  Another ex-pat friend said it well in her blog, you can get many of these things here, it just costs 3x as much and thus unaffordable. 

And, also, thank you to those of you who sent some wonderful things for Eli and Lucy including these make at home Martha Stewart hand puppets:

They had a ball with these! Dad too...

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