We’ve Got Mail!

One of my small pleasures in life has always been checking the mail. I don’t know what it is. It doesn’t really matter what the mail is, even bills are a thrill to receive. Ian has learned this about me and happily leaves the mail for me to collect every day. I even love catching the mailman before he has put the mail in the box. Sometimes I am just a second too late, and in Portland, I’d hear the little beep of his machine scanning the bar code on our “point of delivery” mailbox.

I haven’t really had this small pleasure while here in Kenya. There is a post office box for the center….but I am not the holder of the key (and neither is my sweet husband), and sometimes it is not available to me so that I can have the joy of driving to the Posta to check the box. I’ve found out also that having someone else hand me my mail (not the posta man) just kind of squelches the joy.

Well….this week we were blessed with packages from Rachel and my mom 2 days in a row!!! That is a record. And they both now hold the record for sending packages that have required zero to less than a dollar customs tax on our part. Though the 10 seed packets mom sent us did get confiscated and are awaiting approval in some customs warehouse….somewhere. Finding and retrieving the seeds will be an adventure for us soon.

We are loving our spice & salad dressing packets….as well as all of the other goodies.

Thank you friends and family for loving us in this way…..and feeding my small pleasure. Now if I could just get my hands on my own Posta key!

receiving grammy's package

receiving grammy’s package


Sweet tattoos from Rachel.  A big hit!

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