Spotlight #1

At Ameena Project we strive to be volunteer run and sustained.  At times, this makes it more difficult to get things done, but, we have also found that allowing others to gift with their talents and finances is a blessing to us and them!   Today we want to take a moment to introduce you to one volunteer and show how she has chosen to be involved. 

We have known Caitlynn Lee since she was born a little over 10 years ago and have been privileged to be there and watch her:

  • Crawl around in diapers and go through all those fun (and sometimes not so fun) early childhood stages
  • Bring home her baby brother and learn what it is to be a great big sister
  • Develop friendships and deep connections with other kids (mine included)
  • Hula dance
  • Get diagnosed with Type I Diabetes and learn to live with a chronic condition that impacts everything in her life
  • Become a little obsessed with American Girl
  • Volunteer and raise money for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

Caitlynn Lee

 Caitlynn has a wonderful family who have done their best to teach her their values and faith traditions.  One of their practices is called Tithing.  They literally give away 10% of their income no matter what their current financial circumstances are.  This is their way to live out their belief that everything they have is a gift from God and that they are dependent on God for everything.  Caitlynn’s little eyes have been watching. 

Today we learned of a remarkable thing she has done.  All on her own, Caitlynn formed a group called the Bracelet Bunch with some 4th & 5th grade girls to raise money for Ameena Project.   They have been making and selling bracelets and gave us their first donation with a note from the Bunch saying they hope to be able to send some money every month and hope to be able to support as many kids as possible.  In addition, Caity has also been tithing, or saving 10% of  her $3 allowance and other money that she receives.  She saved $15 doing this!  Caity, and the Bracelet Bunch, you inspire us!  Your donation will provide over 350 meals to kids in Kiang’ombe. 

Caitlynn, Isabelle, Madeleine, Isabella, and Claire – The Bracelet Bunch is a beautiful thing.   You girls clearly understand some very important things that many adults never learn.  I hope we can all learn from your example and become better because of it.  Asante Sana – many thanks. 



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