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Good byes aren’t fun, especially when very good friends come for a visit and are getting ready to leave.  We had a fabulous time with Rhett & Erika Lee, close friends of ours from Portland, Oregon. 

Rhett and Erika in front of Chania Falls in Thika


Erika and Rhett both grew up in Hawaii, so much of what we see everyday in Kenya that is foreign to me was familiar to them.  Trees, fruits, flowers.  It was wonderful to have someone knowledgable to educate me!  Did you know that the lychee fruit looks like this and has to have the skin peeled off it? 

Lychee fruit


Erika also got me to do things that I haven’t so far here in Kenya, like have fresh flowers in my home.  This bunch of about 40 roses ended up costing Erika about $4 US.  Not bad.  I probably wouldn’t have purchased them myself, but I am happy that Erika did and left them for me!  What a wonderful reminder of the Lee visit. 

Fresh roses from Peponi Street in Nairobi


 Here is Erika at the actual flower market: 


And they got me to go to the Triangle Shops in Nairobi AGAIN.  My first visit was by myself when I first arrived in Nairobi, naïve about how to barter for goods, and unable to speak Swahili.  We went this time with some specific souvenir items in mind and all had a fun time.  I guess there is power when you go in multiple: 




Rhett and Erika did a fantastic job of taking Kenya in stride and experiencing some crazy things!  We had a wonderful time with you personally and as “fill in” for our Portland Care Group and can’t wait to hang out again!

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