Uh, if you get any more awesome…

Me and Erika at the tea farm in Limuru when she visited in January

Africa is a long way away from the States, and if you’ve looked at plane fare costs, you know it’s no small feat to undertake a trip here.

That’s why we’ve been SOOO incredibly thankful for those of you who have made the sacrifice financially and have emotionally and physically undertaken the trek to visit us and Karibu Centre here in Thika, Kenya.

Sooo, when a friend out of the blue mentions that they think they’re gonna be able to visit a 2nd time, and their first visit wasn’t even 6 months ago, you  think things like:

Erika Marshall Lee, “if you get any more awesome,” and then fill in the blank.

Course she has the advantage of working for the airline industry and having an AWESOME husband who over the years has become more accustomed to his wife’s love of travel.  I’m thinking of this visit by Erika as a “fill in” love visit for all of the friends and family who wish they could visit us and the new baby, but can’t for a variety of reasons and circumstances.  We are surrounded by an incredible group of family and friends who have given us incredible support over our last year here in Kenya.  Yes, it has been a year already!  We have received an overwhelming amount of emotional, financial, and physical support from all of you & it has carried us through the difficulty of being away from what is familiar and comfortable.

Erika is arriving from Portland in less than a week and we’re gonna have a sweet time!  I’ll be thinking about all of you as we’re having some good girl time together and my kids are getting more on the attention scale than they have in the last few weeks.

Love to you all!

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