Two weeks after opening … brief update.

After two short weeks, our Kiang’ombe school is full to capacity and things are going better than we had ever expected.  Mercy and Hillary held a parent meeting on Monday to both check in on how everyone feels things are going and to continue to educate the community on the program and how they can best support their childrens’ success.  All of the local elders showed up along with 45 parents and community members.   Everyone is very supportive of the program, grateful for the opportunity, and feeling a new sense of hope for their children and the community as a whole.  

They also began discussing how Ameena Project might be able to further support  positive change for Kiang’ombe families in the future.  Some of the community’s ideas for what they need are:  HIV/Aids education, education in rabbit rearing, vocational training, adult basic literacy education, and mentoring for parents to help motivate and encourage them to create positive changes for their lives.    These are great ideas to think about and develop together over the next year.   For now,  we are focused on effectively implementing the school and working out efficient, sustainable operations there. 

Already,  Ameena Project  is inspiring the community of Kiang’ombe to discuss and dream about creative solutions to the many challenges they face.  Our Mission in action. 

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