Tour Guide: Day 2 & 3

What happened?  Didn’t day 2 and 3 happen a while ago?  Yes.

Mmmm, I’m lazy. Day 2 happened. We (Ian, I, Rhett, Erika and Lucy) went to Nairobi, had pizza at the french restaurant, went to Spinners’ Web ( a great place to get Kenyan souvenirs that are nice), got stuck in horrid traffic (what’s new??), missed Eli’s pickup time from school so asked if he could go home with an Indian friend (yes), picked up Eli from his friends house (they got in a bit of a brawl), and came home.

Day 3 happened too. Lots of exploring of Thika. Makongeni Market with Rhett and Erika where they both tested out the effects of their doxycycline (Erika has more sensitivity and sunburned herself in a great tilted pattern on her neck) and their bargaining skills. Erika did pretty well…..she was able to get 3 mangoes for 60 bob, which is about 80 cents. We got some fun pictures from the market. The smell there was the worst I have ever experienced. It was amazing also that we were able to make it out of there as clean as we did.

3 days after rain...the market was pretty "ripe"


Man in the market as we were browsing kangas...but this is not a kanga he's holding

the walk home from the market through Madaraka


A few weeks ago, I asked Esther to make some traditional African food for our dinner while she was at our house today. On the menu was:  Chapati, and stew (they usually do beef, but I had her put in some pork tenderloin).   Here’s what it looked like: 

Esther really is a great cook!

We are having a great time hanging out with the Lees:   Lucy hanging with Rhett:

Having some hang time with Rhett

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