This is how dogs drink momma

Some days are normal.  Some days are just plain crazy.

Yesterday was crazy.

Eli and Lucy spend a lot of time lately playing “doggy” and all of the activities that go along with pretend doggy.  Like napping, eating, drinking, hiding.

I found the “doggies” in the kitchen drinking:

I think the red eyes enhance the doggy effect

I think the red eyes enhance the doggy effect


When Ian saw the pictures he said, “No wonder my shoes were all messed up!”

Then we met Megan…a wonderful 25 year old who will  be going to Kenya to work in the Karibu Centre with us!  She just graduated from PSU with a degree in Real Estate Development…but she works as a wine steward currently at World Market.  I think that is what Ian loved most about her….that and how she kept saying our kids were adorable…even when they weren’t.  I think that we’ll all get along just great.

Oh, and Carla our foster daughter who has been on her own for a while now… turned 22!

We are blessed.

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