The Spirit of the Weekend.

This weekend ultra-endurance athlete Christian Isakson put on three events to raise funds and awareness about Ameena Project.  It was a whirlwind at times and was truly humbling to watch him pour himself into each individual event and each person who attended.  Ameena Project people were there in the background and left deeply grateful for Christian, his friends at More Than Sport, and the remarkable way Friends of Ameena have been woven together to make it all possible.  Two worlds crashed into each other in the best of ways.  Elite athletes who live in the spotlight turned that light in another direction to light up the lives of some of the most needy and forgotten children in our world.   They explained that the real champions serve others and challenged everyone to courageously take risks and find their own place to do more.  We are all built to win.  We are all built for greatness.  We live out our innate purpose when we put our needs aside to help another.  Listen to Christian express how sport and service come together in his life:   Christian’s Thoughts




The Ameena Project

Bringing opportunities and advantages to Kenyan children… and it starts with equal access to education and nourishment.

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