The big money question….

Pretty much every day someone asks “Hey, any news about Kenya?” 

Generally, this is followed by an apology of sorts on their part for asking, because they assume that I get asked that a lot.  Which is true.  I do.  But I’m never bothered by it.

It is truly amazing that through it all, although there have been the occasional frustrations, neither Ian or I feel horribly discouraged.  Generally, we feel at peace about the timeline and how things have come about.   We trust that we will go when it is time, and stay for as long as we are meant to stay…whether that be a year like we anticipate, or ?

We would be expecting a baby here on March 29th if this last one had made it.  I am able to take joy in my friends close by that are having babies and not feel sorry for myself or jaded.  That is an incredible gift I have been given.  I know that God has amazing things in store for us with regards to more children.  Perhaps not in the ways I have planned and imagined. 

Ok, so maybe not Octuplets!

So, all that to say, please keep asking how it is going and how things are working.  It is such a faith journey, and we are so privileged to share it!

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