That’s just the British

Ok, so a while ago our friend Andy Stoughton started harassing us about spelling center, CENTRE.  He imformed us that he was going to start spelling dude (one of the words both our families use much to frequently) some crazy way as a means of payback for all of the words we are spelling oddly.

It’s interesting to be living in Kenya, but also to be adjusting to this whole British culture stuff that is left over from Colonial rule.

Tea time.  Yep.  That’s a serious thing here in Kenya.  Even in the supermarkets, you’ll see the employees hanging out all over  the meat case (that open topped case in the middle of the aisle holding sausage, or hamburger or whatever) at 4pm with their mugs in hand and a thermos of hot chai (black tea in hot milk) sitting on the case.  I’m getting pretty good at getting my tea game on for guests…but Ian is even better at it!

Or Eli and Lucy talking about wearing their swimming costumes.  Their what?  It took me forever to figure out that they meant swimsuits.  And what is happening to me?  Yesterday I called his p.e. outfit his “p.e. costume.”  I’m gonna come back to the States and everyone’s gonna think I’m permanently in love with Halloween or something.

The best is looking “smart”.  I used to say people looked cute, or pretty and received blank  stares.  I really don’t  even know how to tell someone they’re intelligent….just smartly dressed…which they all generally are.

Anyhow, so, I’m off now to make sure that Eli’s jumper is ready for the morning.  Right, you all think I’m putting him in a dress don’t you???   Nope, just his little brown v-neck pullover sweater that’s a part of his VERY british school uniform.

 Linds, I’ll feel so much more at home with your British neighbors when we return home!

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