Thankful for Thanksgiving!

I’m a little behind in posts, but catching up.  *Smile* 

We were so thankful to have Ian’s parents here in Kenya over the Thanksgiving Holiday.  It made being so far from home on a holiday much more bearable.   And, Ian’s mom makes some great Candied Yams (or were they sweet potatoes??), which we were happy to have on the menu for dinner. 

A few weeks before Thanksgiving, before family arrived, I scoped out a butcher shop in Nairobi to see how much a real deal turkey might cost.  I about cringed when a 16 lb. turkey (ok, we could have done a 10  lb. one too, but leftovers rule!) that was marinated and stuffed was coming to $150.  Were they CRAZY?   I passed. 

Then I kind of forgot about it all with all of our adventures once Ian’s parents arrived. 

Day before (just like at home, but without the crowds), we shopped for Thanksgiving. 

This is what our wonderful African Thanksgiving turned out like: 

Chicken, mashed potatos, asparagus, roasted carrots, candied yams, french bread. Yum!


And here we are enjoying it, and sharing what we are thankful for: 


Happy, tan, with good food in the near future!


What a year of blessings and surprises we have had.  Last year at this time we thought we would be leaving for Kenya any moment.  Who knew that God would have us wait until May of this year?  We continue to trust that God will continue to grow us all while we are here.  That our empathy and compassion will grow, that He will give us wisdom in all of the relationships we have here (this is a VERY relational culture) and at home, and that we will have the strength to continue trusting that He has a wonderful and amazing plan for our family’s future!

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