Stalked by a stork

Eli likes to hang out at the main gate where he practices playing “guard” with Tito our security man.  One morning last week, he was over there particularly early, like by 7:45 or so.  I don’t generally have a problem with him being over there…it allows him free time outside, he keeps Tito company, and I get a little break from the chaos that can often become my world.  Anyhow, I looked outside and noticed that Eli’s shoes were still neatly parked by the door.  And, if his shoes are still by the door, then they are not on his feet!  I think that we have had the conversation of the importance of wearing shoes about a thousand times already.

It obviously isn’t sinking in.

Anyhow, I walked myself over to the gate and walked Eli back home, while on the way explaining the importance of wearing shoes and socks.  Followed by a lot of comments from Eli such as, “But Joseph and Bernard don’t wear shoes”, “But I haven’t stepped on any thorns”, “But I’m fine mom” and my favorite, “Just let me do what I want to do mom!”

As we approached our crushed gravel driveway and the journey with Eli became quite slow (he has to walk carefully over those sharp stones in bare feet), I heard a funny noise behind me.

I’m getting pretty used to the sounds of the birds that frequent our yard.  This was not a familiar sound.

I turned and looked over my shoulder, and what did I see?

A Marabou Stork.  One of these:



He was huge…especially in contrast to these little guys (Pied Crow) that are everywhere in my yard:



The stork stayed around for quite some time, picking up large sticks that I hypothesized were for nest building, but Uncle Dennis, you can tell me if that is a correct assumption or not.  I yelled for Megan to come take a look, we snapped a round of pictures, and then the stork flew off to a nearby tree to roost.

I told my mom about my sighting.

Later she face booked me (yes, she is with the times and on FB!) and she commented that maybe my being stalked by a stork is a good sign.  I hadn’t thought of it that way, but I kind of like the thought.  Perhaps there will be another little May in our future yet!

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