Spotlight # 2 – Meet the Prins

Invitation to the Party!

One of the coolest parts of Ameena Project is this concept of Collateral Impact – those secondary positive affects that result from doing something good and doing it together with other people.  Over and over now, we have been shocked and humbled by the creativity and generosity of others.  Not only are we focused on meeting critical needs of children who attend our program in Kenya, we are also committed to impacting lives right here at home by creating a place to plug in, get involved, and use your passion and talents.  We believe that people live out their innate purpose best when actively using what they’ve got, to meaningfully help another human being.  I’m excited to share how two great girls (with truly remarkable parents) decided to get involved this fall.

All on their own, Lauren and Amelia Prins came up with a creative and generous idea to use their birthdays as a fund raiser.  They decided that they simply have enough and so instead of receiving gifts, they could have a joint party and ask for donations to pay for a big party for the kids in Kenya.  They put it all together themselves and pulled off a great success.  These girls raised $270 which is going to fund the best (and only) party our kids in Kiang’ombe have ever seen.  The truth is, they raised too much for a party so we’re going to have to sit down with them and discuss how they want the extra money to be spent.   No store bought gadget could ever provide such an enriching and empowering experience for these girls, their parents, and everyone involved.  In place of another Cozy Critter Cabin, cute outfit, or $30 Squinkie dispenser that would live in the back of their closet waiting to be sold at a garage sale 10 years from now, these girls have made 75 desperately needy kids feel joy and feel valued like never before.  They have also learned the amazing power of their choice and how easy and fun it can be to do the right thing.  Our world is full of pain and injustice, a reality we all have the power to change, once choice at a time.   Take a look at these pictures, be inspired.    

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