….are the best, especially when it’s for your kids at a friend’s house.  Friends from church offered to take the kids this last Friday night and I jumped all over that. 

I got right on the web, and found a weekend special deal at , a much better deal than I would have found anywhere in town..and this hotel is just a short drive from our friends place where they work at a Children’s Centre run by the Rafiki Foundation. 

Anyhow, Ian and I had a wonderful time, not doing much at all, but enjoying alone time with each other.  We had a wonderful Italian dinner, browsed the 64 acres of lush gardens, a soak in a  bath tub (we don’t have one at our house), and sleeping in til 7:30! 

A wonderful time.  Thank you Doug and Carolyn! 

Our room was spacious and I loved all of the dark wood


the view from our patio out onto the Chinese fish pond


the landscaping of Safari Park Hotel, an oasis among the chaos of Thika Road


a statue without an explanation, but I'm guessing it's fair to say it has to do with fertility? We don't need any of that right about now.....but we thought it was photo worthy

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