Shine, shine, shine.

I’m reading many posts on facebook about people enjoying the sunny weather in Portland…and it got me to thinking a bit about the weather here.  I always have wanted to live in a warm climated area, so I could wear summer clothes year round and have a tan…’s my chance.

For the most part,we have beautiful weather year round here in Kenya.  We live in Thika, which isn’t too far outside of Nairobi (about 25 miles), but we are at a slightly lower altitude, and are a bit more arid and hot.  Nairobi sits right about a mile high from sea level…similiar to Denver, but since it sits right on the equator, it has very temperate enjoyable weather.  Nairobi sits beautifully somewhere in the 70’s, pretty much year round.  It’s hard to complain about that!

Right now, we  are in the hottest time of the year in Kenya.  Our temps are generally in the 80’s, with a very intense, hot sun.  We have learned to get along with standing fans….as power is unpredictable out here, and I’ve only seen AC in hotels, although I imagine most nice homes in Nairobi might have it.

We also happen to be in between the 2 rainy seasons that hopefully occur every year.  There are the short rains from November to December, and then the long rains from April to June.  It doesn’t rain continuously during these months, but it would not be unusual to have showers for a few hours each day, followed by an intense showing of sun and warmth.   Locals depend on these rains for the crops of maize, skuma, beans, cow peas, cilantro etc. that are planted at least twice per year.

As for enjoying the sun, we do, although we have become more like locals who live in warm weather year round, and wear pants and jeans in temperatures that most Portlanders would sweat in.  I do enjoy having tanned skin, but it isn’t the same as home where I might seek out the sun, or lay by a pool.  No laying by the pool or tanning out here in Thika…..although a pool would change my day to day life significantly here!!!  My best shot at getting a tan is taking a walk to the outdoor market that is a couple of of kilometers away and using the bronzer powder that sits in my make up bag! 

What the view from my kitchen typically looks like when maize is not being grown in the distance

I think about this beautiful weather and wonder if I’ll long for it once we are living again in Portland, Oregon…and I imagine that it will be so.  But, there is something to be said for the changing of the seasons, and the changes in mood, and food, and traditions that it brings.  For now, I’ll be content to enjoy each day at it is given to me, and to store this sunshine in my soul!

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