School Readiness

In Kenya, the school year starts in January and over the entire year of 2012 we worked hard with our older students to prepare them for success in the local school system. We fed their bodies, minds, and spirits creating dramatic changes in all of them.  16 children completed our Early Childhood Development program and were ready to move on to primary school. For those children, we committed to removing the barriers for them to enter school by providing their uniform and school fees for the first year – a total cost of around $70  per child.  This will allow them to get connected to their school and give their parents a chance to plan for subsequent years’ responsibilities. We’ll be following up and working with parents all year to make sure they are able to keep it up. Most of these children would have never been academically ready and the first year costs would have been an insurmountable barrier to many.

We believe these kids deserve a chance to learn and if we have our way, they’re going to get it.

New Student – Babu



1 Student’s home.


Practicing Numbers in Class


Showing a bright girl how to put on her uniform correctly before she heads off to primary school.















Some proud moms and kids ready for school.


Mother and sons


These two are very bright boys, Brian on the left may be a teacher one day, he loves to lead the class.


Well Done.














Confident Boy.

Leaving Ameena Project Kiang’ombe … heading to primary school confident, capable, and ready learn.













One child heading to school prepared for success, one child almost ready to start with us, one mom grateful for the support as she struggles to provide for her little ones.

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