Pretty please….

For the second middle of the night in a week I have been awokened but that voice from the other room half crying half yelling, “Mooooommmmeeee, I threw up.”  

I tried to explain to the neighbor across the street who doesn’t have kids yet (or maybe never after talks like this) that some pukes are better than others.

She couldn’t really believe me, so I explained.  In my humble opinion, liquid puke is so much better than food puke, simply for the reason that food puke requires a much greater degree of clean-up to ensure that the mess does not get dropped on the floor and transferred to the washing machine. 

Done that before.  Absolutely disgusting.  Cleaning vomited food out of the clothes washer has to be one of the most loving and dreaded tasks a mother can truly do for her children.

Anyhow, back to the middle of last night.  Lucy insisted on directing me on every step of the clean-up.   Like she’s had experience in this kind of thing like every 2 year old.  I heard,  “Get that”, “Over there” followed by a frantic, “It’s on MY FOOT!  GET IT OFF!”  She was actually much to chipper and talkative for having just vomited, and for it being 2 1/2 hours before my dear alarm clock was set to go off.

The OUST previously mentioned in another post is getting a good workout.  I’ve been sanitizing everything but the dog (especially cause Eli is the only “dog” in our house now).  I’m holding out to be the only one in the house who doesn’t get sick.  Pretty please?

What have you been doing lately at 3:32 am?

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