Pretend Play

Kids are such a reflection of what is going on in your family….the stresses and the joys.
When we lived in Portland, play centered around pretending to be animals…like our dogs Toby and Sherman, or grandmother’s dog Tukker. Right before we left, we had a lot of pretend play centered around traveling. Lots of “packing” and “airplanes”.

Today, Eli and Lucy played out front on our small patio. They were taking turns opening the metal security gate as the “night guard” or “night garden” as Lucy calls them. We have rotating night guards and also a day security guard here at Karibu. We also see guards everywhere we go…at home security gates, in the mall, on the road.

Yesterday, while grocery shopping and riding in a kid “car” shopping cart (yes, they have those here!) Eli pretended to be a Matatu (those crazy taxi type vans we talk about) running into people and things. His pretend was even peppered with shrieks and squeals as he pushed his way into the traffic of the store aisle.

Guess that’s just the world as they see it right now! Eli, bless his heart, got a new bike yesterday when we were in town and he informed me that I needed to drive him and his bike into town so he could share it with all of the other kids. Sweet boy.

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