Pinching Pennies

The feeding program at Kiang’ombe is central to the broader community development work we’re doing there.  We provide two nutrition packed meals a day to every child in the program and however hard it is to believe, if they don’t get it from us, they just don’t eat.  Monday mornings are really hectic because the well fed, happy, energetic children who left Friday afternoon show up early tired, hungry and crying for the first meal.  Since getting started in January, we have been able to serve nearly 10,000 meals and it is having a huge impact on these little lives.  It costs under $0.20 per meal and we need your help.   We keep it simple and focused – making every penny count.   Take a look. 

The Ameena Project

Bringing opportunities and advantages to Kenyan children… and it starts with equal access to education and nourishment.

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