Our 2nd full day

We woke up today around 5:30 am.  The birds start in on their chorus around 6 am here.  Whole family up by 6:30.  I think getting up 3 hours before church is a record for us.

Yesterday, as we were leaving the mall in Nairobi where we were able to purchase internet access and phones and other “essentials”, we drove along some main roads on the outskirts of the city. 

As you wait in traffic, there are people in the middle of the road with items they want to sell you.  We don’t make eye contact, otherwise they might think we want to buy something.

These are the things we saw yesterday for sale:

Dozen roses & assorted other flowers.  I think Armida said they sold for like $1 or something.

Bent wire motorcycles, helicopters, bicycles

An assortment of Lucy sized dresses.  Used. 

Puppies.  Adorable puppies.  One in each arm.  Rumor is that they are stolen from villages and then brought to the city to be sold, so that is not the way to purchase a puppy. 

Paper cones of peanuts (like those cones we used to make for May day flowers Amelia!)

We’ll see what interesting things we see today….

This morning I fried up pork chipolatas for breakfast.  Like sausage, just a little different.  Not bad.  We also had some yummy muffins that a Salvation Army person made us, apple bananas and oranges.

I’m drinking instant coffee..it’s not bad either.  Mom, you would feel right at home with it!

Here are a few pics.  Guess I’m facebooking in my jammies here.  Here are the kids in the kitchen too.img_0375








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