One Week – Settling in and Making Friends

Taking a Rest in the Shade

Anne and the kiddos resting inthe shade after our little walk off the compound. 





Eli has been cooped up and whenever we get out he climbs, runs, throws something,  or just plain spazes outEli Getting Some ExerciseMeeting the Neighborhoos Kids

We Went for a little walk today and the kids made some new friends.




Eli Really wanted to play with one boy’s old tire and was heart broken that he wouldn’t let him.  Sometimes the best things are not the most expensive things…who knew a tire could be such a coveted toy. 

Eli and Lucy Making Friends




 Two worlds come together.  This was a great moment. 



Farmer Eli


This dude joked with us as we walked by asking me to come help him work his field.  I told him my back was hurting and hunched over…he laughed.  On the way back home Eli went and helped him turn some red soil, He liked it and invited me to his place in one of the slums next to our compound.  I told him I’d come by another day.

Walking along the main road to Thika Town




Here we are walking along the  main road leading to our town, Thika.  We’re on our way back from the day’s excursion and everyone’s hot and tired.  The kids love the rough terrain.  Lucy runs..falls…runs..falls…while Eli pretends to be a train or plane or who knows what motorized wild vehicle.  I guess I didn’t say much so far in this post, but like I said yesterday..the images speak better than I write.   BTW, our modem is so slow this took me over an hour to post so far.  It usually works best in the morning here so from 8pm on in Portland.  

Oh, we can’t wait to sleep tonight…we got the good bug nets all treated and installed.  That and a fan and we should sleep like babies.  Check them out…I just woke the kids from nap taking the picture.  These go all the way around the mattress and zip completely shut.  All for a whopping $10 – 15 each.  When I tried to buy them online before leaving they were something like $60…some things are cheap here….the $6 frozed 1.5kg chicken I bought yesterday was not. 

 Kids Nets







Our Net







There’s one more sweet image for the day that I’ll let Anne post and describe because I was inside working on the nets.  Heron, Lena, Anne and two security guards spotted a bug black cobra, momba… I dont know… a big snake of some sort (I guess it stood up like 2-3 ft tall to try and strike one of them).   There was lots of jumping screaming and laughing at each other while they bravely tried to kill it….it got away but no one was hurt.  Safe and sound in Thika.  We’re now sitting on our borrowed loveseat watching backyardagains dvd on the computer and the kids are begging me for candy.  Guess they’re feeling OK.  Ian

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