One Happy Ending

Yesterday while visiting homes in Kiang’ombe we came across a house that at first appeared vacant.  A quiet cry drew us in and alone inside we found a woman in bed nearly unable to sit up for the pain she was in.  When asked what was wrong she initially said she was sick but shortly revealed she was badly injured from a motorbike crash.  She had been home alone since the crash and had not gone to the hospital because she could not afford the required medical card ($ 1.25) or transport ($.75). 

She showed us her lower leg which was badly injured, there was an  8″ x 4″ open wound that appeared very infected.   A horrible circumstance and one I was convinced would end her life if not urgently addressed.  I’m no doctor, but anyone could see this was very bad.  We found a neighbor girl willing to help and had her take this woman to the hospital and told her we would follow up tomorrow. 

Today the two of them came to give a grateful report.  The woman was already able to walk again, is on antibiotics, and will go in daily to have the wound cleaned and assessed.  She was found to have tetanus from the wound as well and was given a shot to treat it.  Such a happy outcome for a terrible situation.    

I share this story for one reason: to illustrate the dramatic reality that very little can do very much.  It cost $9.50 all together to get this woman the treatment she needed,.  Although hard to fully comprehend, this is life in Kiang’ombe and if you are involved in Ameena Project we make sure your contribution counts.  Thank you. Ian

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