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Giving thanks: AP graduates headed to primary school!

As we transition into the holiday season here in the U.S., the Kenyan school year is coming to an end and our oldest Ameena Project children are taking their entrance exams for primary school. Their families are hopeful that they are accepted but uncertain if they can afford to pay their tuition. Last year Ameena Project awarded 16 scholarships for students to attend primary school. The cost is $70 for a child. This is your chance to be part of a lasting change by making a donation to fund the AP “graduates” as they go onto primary school. As you put together your gift lists this season, why not give a gift of an Ameena Project donation in the name of a family member, friend or colleague. Your generosity will touch the life of the person you honor and the child it serves. Plus, your donation is tax deductible!
I support Ameena Project because it is pure love in action and because I am inspired by the Mays, Altrees and others in the AP family who do what everyone who has something to give should: make no excuses, and meet a need. How often do I observe a hole that needs to be filled and avoid it because, because, because … Yet when I look at the faces of the gorgeous Kenyan children who are eating, learning and laughing in a school funded completely by gifts from donors like my husband and me, I am challenged: what is stopping me from doing more? Am I afraid of what it will be like to give more of my time, in prayer and volunteerism, and money? But when I become more aware of living conditions in Kiang’ombe – the crime, the malnourishment – it makes any budgeting I have to do in my squishy Western world seem silly. Am I afraid that giving more won’t create real change? But that’s another thing I love about AP. AP is 100% volunteer-run here in the U.S. (did you catch that? one HUNDRED percent) and our donations go directly to pay for the heaven-sent teachers, security guards, cook/administrative assistant, food and teaching supplies that offer hope to an entire community. I can do more. But I’ve made a start. Won’t you join me?
Tia lives in Beaverton with her husband Andrew and their two children Lily and Dylan. She is vice president at The Mathews Group and has supported Ameena Project since 2012.
Collateral benefits
We focus a lot on the children of Ameena Project, but our staff are another success story for our program. Because the school is in operation, five adult Kenyans have a steady income. “I like to call it a ‘collateral benefit’ of what we’re doing,” says Anne May, Ameena Project co-founder. “Yes, the school serves children and families but its strong ripple effect can be seen in the difference it has made in the lives of our staff. With their salaries their families live more secure in safe housing, they have electricity and access to medical care.” In future newsletter editions we look forward to sharing our staff members’ stories with you.

Food for thought

Recently the New York Times has run op-eds on Kenya, charitable giving and humanitarian aid. By sharing these pieces we don’t implicitly endorse them, but they did get us thinking.

A Litmus Test for Kenya

When ‘Do No Harm’ Hurts

The Charitable-Industrial Complex

Year-end in Kiang’ombe
December marks the start of summer vacation in Kenya and a special time in African culture when people travel home to visit families and recuperate. Ameena Project teachers and staff will also enjoy this much-deserved break. Unfortunately, with this break comes a spike in living expenses in Kenya when everything doubles in cost so it can also be a stressful time of year. That said, we’d love to be able to do something special for the kids and staff by giving them a year-end party. Any “extra” donations we receive will help us throw a party for them to celebrate these incredible little (and big) people on another year of learning and love!

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