My grand idea

Most of you who knew me back home know that I love a good deal.

Garage sales make me happy.  Especially when you score the ones where the people just want to get rid of things…for crazy prices.

We’ve collected a LOT of things while here in Kenya.   Some of it basic household items, some of it frivolous, some of it brought with us from home and too worn to bother taking back.

Usually when local Kenyans hear that a mazungu is going home they are sad, and say, “You can’t leave.”  When you assure them that you are & that the ticket has already been purchased, quite often the next phrase might be, “Oh, well then, what are you planning to do with ____________.”   And fill in the blank.

Since we know that this will happen & that we have a great many things we don’t want to take home (extra tea bags, used writing pens, worn out kids clothes etc, etc) I have decided to hold my own garage sale.

Today Ian printed up some fake money.  Ten dollar bills.  Each staff member will be given one hundred dollars.  I’m going to have everything set out & priced the day ahead so they can “pre-sale”.  This was at staff request, “Can I see ahead of time what you have so that I might go home and think carefully about what I need?”

Hmmm.  Good idea!

We’re having the shopping right after the going away party we’re half hosting for ourselves.  Again, why should the staff use their hard earned money for tea and biscuits when we can use a little of our own money to have a sweet catered lunch?  Right, good food it is.  And, what better way to make sure that the party ends of time then to have the carrot of shopping hanging out in front of everyone???

And lest you think that the men won’t like shopping.  I’ve got those night guards asking for my kerosene lamp, my patio chairs, and some of my pirated action DVD’s.

Oh, I simply can’t wait for this fun!  It’s gonna provide some sweet people watching and a nice sociological experiment.  Who buys for themselves, who buys for their kids, who gives up some of their own money so their friend can buy something that costs more than $100?

Can’t wait to show you pictures and tell you how it all goes down & what the HOT selling item turns out to be.  Rest assured it will be something random like Megan found when she cleaned out her room & gave out things to the girls.  An almost empty bottle of nail polish remover almost caused a riot!

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