Sometimes we see or experience strange things here that just make us laugh out loud. Laughter is generally welcome in this house, except when I am trying to make a really serious point and no one seems to be listening.

Anyhow, this week the kids have had several days off from school so they helped at the program with us. The women were enthralled by Lucy’s hair. They finally got enough courage to come up to her and they started stroking her head as I held her in my arms. Actually, it really just looked more like they were petting a cat. Lucy shrinked away a bit and buried her head in my shoulder. Not to be discouraged, the women started stroking my hair and Ewwing and Ahhing. I pet their hair back. Fairs fair right? That got a good laugh out of all of the woman.  Later, at a gas station, there was a repeat experience.  The woman were eyeing my hair.  Finally, I said, “Do you want to touch it?”   They both nodded enthusiastically, touched it, and then one woman said, “Is it real?”  To which I replied, “Of course it’s real!”  They then proceeded to ask me, “Does it grow?  How long?  You cut?”  To which I demonstrated how long it has been and described that yes I had cut it.   No weaves or braids from the supermarket on this mama.

At the market last week, after an hour of having each and every vendor call to me and ask if I needed this, or that, or whatcha ma call it, some man asked me if I needed some peas. Peas really are not my favorite, and I don’t think “Well, you know how they do that pop in your mouth…that is really gross to me” would translate, so I just replied, “No thank you, I just like sugar”. That man laughed so hard! Thank goodness these people get a little humor!

Lastly, today on our way home, on Garissa Road, which is the main road out of Thika that takes us to Karibu Centre, I saw a little dirty white Nissan off the side of the road, with 2 men struggling to put something in the trunk. Something big, white, and struggling…..and

it was a live goat! It looked like the goat was winning and I just pictured the person at the receiving end of the trip opening the trunk and pop! There’s a goat…kind of like a jack in the box, but on a much grander scale.

Anyhow, I hope you have laughed a little today. Laughter is a wonderful remedy. Love to all you family and friends……


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