Karibu Megan!

In about October or November last year we found out that a fellow Portlander, Megan Steele, would be joining us here in Kenya. We met for dinner a few times in December and beyond, got to know one another (and our kids), and all made our predictions about our actual VISA approval dates and departure dates for Kenya.

Megan was the most optimistic. She guessed that our VISAs would come through in March and that we’d leave I think by the end of April. Ian said VISA’s in April, leave in May. I hedged my bets & was hoping to finish my school year at work so I bet that the VISA’s would get issued in June and we’d leave in July.

Megan was right about our VISAs and arrival. I was more right about hers. It has been a long couple of months for her….waiting, waiting as she hears and sees the things we were experiencing over here…wanting to be a part yet unable.

Well, she finally arrived yesterday after a very delayed and tumultuous plane route. She said there were blessings though for every negative. Getting bumped to first class on 2 of the 4 (actually the longest) legs of the journey isn’t bad, not bad at all.

She was pleasantly surprised by the size and heat of our shower and has settled right in….except for the spider sightings. Lucy and Eli didn’t help when they told her there might be some in her bed too. Megan was thoughtful enough to bring some heavy duty fly swatters over as a gift to us (and one for herself). We gave them a good work out last night on the 3 spiders we promptly found in the short journey from our living room, through the hallway to the guestbedroom. After the excitement of spider squishing (Eli was thrilled this morning to show his technique by the way), Megan informed me that she was too afraid to leave her clothes out in the open where they might be invaded, so she slept the night away curled up in a ball inside her bug net with her entire wardrobe squished securely at the foot of her bed.

Welcome to Kenya Megan! No truly, we are so happy to have her here safe and sound. It is nice to have someone familiar around.

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