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Lining up for cake at the second anniversary celebration of Ameena Centre

January 2014 Newsletter

Kiang’ombe community members and guests at the anniversary party pose outside of Ameena Centre; Guests enjoy cake – a rare treat in Kiang’ombe. 

Year in Review

2013 was full of adventure and advancement for Ameena Project. Here’s a quick glimpse of highlights from the year:

January – Ian and Anne visited Kiang’ombe (read one story from the trip here).
February – Craig and Natalie Prins organize the Expressions of Love concert featuring an acoustic performance by American Idol finalist and singer-songwriter Haley Johnsen. It raises funds and introduces the Salem community to Ameena Project.
March – Kenya elects a new President peacefully.
May – Arco Iris Ameena Project Fundraiser lead by Caitlynn Lee.
June –  Christian Isakson shares AP partnership on Portland’s  KATU Channel 2 AM Northwest morning show and we welcome a new board member, Jenn Sanow.
October – Tia Over of The Mathews Group steps up to volunteer her marketing expertise and NW Scrubs runs another promotion to benefit AP.
November – Ameena Centre has another anniversary with singing and speeches from staff, parents, village elders, department of education, department of social service and other local charities. Staff and guests celebrated a year of hard work and the great impact this love in action is having on the children and community. Guests enjoyed a special meal, cake, and creative activities prepared by Ameena Centre staff and parents. “All of our little ones were given a new pair of shoes purchased locally, and there was lots of laughing and playing as the community enjoyed being together,” says AP co-founder Ian May.
December – 14 more kids are ready to enter primary school for the first time this January, we served more than 30,000 meals in 2013, and we give thanks for once again being able to keep to our original goal of 100% volunteer run operations here in the States, with a full 100% of your donations going to feeding and educating children in Kiang’ombe, Kenya.


February = Flying!

Anne and Ian are visiting Kiang’ombe next month to do Ameena Centre staff development, project review, and annual planning. They are bringing endurance athlete Christian Isakson who will be using his skill as a paramedic to put on a First Aid and triage clinic for the Ameena Centre children and community, offering basic treatment and identifying patients who need more intensive treatment and may benefit from our medical access fund. Christian will take this opportunity to explore the core work of Ameena Project and how he might further partner with our mission and use his passion for service to help.


Meet Brooklyn Goldman

Question (Q). How long did it take you to save for your donation? Did you do chores, take a collection or
sell something to raise the funds?
Answer (A). A long time! I cleaned my grandpa’s chairs, cleaned our windows with my brother, and helped my Mimi stuff envelopes for her real estate. I donated my birthday money and I also just told people I was raising money for Ameena Project and they gave me money! It was no problem at all!
Q. Why did you give your money to kids in Kenya?
A. Cause I just wanted to. That’s all!
Q. How did it make you feel to give your money away to kids in need, and whom you’ve never met?
A. It made me happy because I knew they needed money for food, toys & school supplies. We are so lucky to know the Mays that can help get our money to the kids.
Q. What would you say to another kid to encourage them to support Ameena Project?
A. I would say that there’s this thing called Ameena Project and they are kids in Kenya who aren’t as lucky as we are so let’s raise money for them! It was really easy to do and I’m going to do it again.

AP Kids take the next step – Because of YOU!

The first 14 kids we sent back to local schools last year (January of 2013) are thriving! The work the staff has done with the families has made it so that only six need ongoing sponsorship this year. That means that the others are still in school with their families successfully providing for them.

AP co-founder Ian May says, “This is a huge success from our perspective and exactly what we are shooting for.  Coming alongside kids who would not have a chance, eliminating barriers to education, helping families get invested and carry the responsibility themselves is exactly what we want for the program.”

The generosity of Ameena Project donors like you means that 12 more children will enter Kenyan primary school in 2014! If you have friends or neighbors who might want to join in creating real change, please share this newsletter and encourage them to donate at www.ameenaproject.org.




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