Hopefully some pictures

front view property





our front porchThis morning's bugs in the kitchen


 yesterday morning’s bugs that came through the shut door







 tucking the kids into bed, their beds were handmade by Salvation Army’s students at Variety Village




driving into Thika




 driving into Thika, note the roadside furniture for sale on the  left



front of property back of house



looking out our “back” door to the front of the property and in the distance a main road



It is early morning here, about 7:15 am.  We wake with the sun as it rises every day at 6am.  Yesterday started out rough as we woke to find the house filled with the white ants (that drop their wings and then look like grubs) all over the house.  We were cheered by a visit from John V. a recent frient introduced to us by Armida.  He brought us gifts which are never necessary but always appreciated!  Included was a new little canister vacuum to suck up additional occurences of the ants.  Apparently they will leave with the rainy season as it passes here at the end of June, but until then, as it rans they come up out of the ground and into our buildings!  It is quite a sight.   John’s wonderful wife also sent us some chocolate chip cookies. Yum!  John is just old enough for the kids to think he is grandpa material and then glom onto him and climb all over him when they see him.  I am happy they have found that connection.

We are still trying to figure out food.  Trying some local (the kids pretty much left it all on their plates last night at dinner as we sat on our newly cleaned cement floor) and trying to find some familiar things.  We are so spoiled by our “ready-made” culture in America.  Ian found me a whole chicken with skin and bones and I was like, “What do I do with this?”  Guess I’ll learn to cook!  The assumption on our  part was that food would be cheap, if you eat local cuisine, it can be, but for more American type things, even chicken or oatmeal/Musli, you pay a good price.  We’ll get there eventually!

Last night as we were getting ready for bed I flushed the toilet because I saw toilet paper in it (hopefully the kids don’t clog this one) and a gecko was in there.  Poor guy, I don’t know where he went.  I saw him frantically trying to claw out of the bowl, but then he was gone.  Or so I was hoping in the middle of the night when I had to use it!

We heard some stories from local people (including Esther who will help us out in the house 2 times a week) about some of the unsafe places to be and unsafe times to be there.  I wasn’t too bothered by the talk then, but it did keep me awake last night.  I am reminded that God does not give us a spirit of fear nor condemnation, but of hope and security in the Father.  I finally able to settle down and sleep after making Ian turn on a “night light” for me. 

I am thankful for communication with you all back home as we are able to get it and for new friends and connections here who so faithfully check in on us and share with us.

We’ll see what today brings!  I don’t hear any shrieks from the front room.  No rain=no bugs, and I put blankets in front of the doors to keep any stray ones from crawling in…..

Love to you all.

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