Growing up

Today was day 3 of the kids riding the “bus” or rather “school van” to school. School starts at 8am and the bus beeps at our door (literally) at 6:45am, or 6:30am if the driver has had a good road rally day on our road and makes good time. I was not appreciative of his “good time” on the first day that he showed up 15 minutes early, because, as those of you with kids know, you can get a lot accomplished in 15 minutes (if everyone is cooperating). Anyhow, we are much better with the time, because now I just plan on the bus arriving at 6:30 am. Does anyone else think that that time is insanely early for these 2 sweet adorable little ones? I do.

Anyhow, I was woken from my blissful sleep this morning at 5:44am with an Eli asking if he could get up because, “I’ve had a lot of good sleep mom.” I said ok and told him to go potty. What do you know it, but in less than a minute he pops up on my side of the  bed net  and is peeking in a me through the netting saying, “Look mom, I put my uniform on all by myself!” What happened to my child? Putting his clothes on himself has always been a major struggle and to imagine that he saw them laid out by his bed and chose to put them on? It was amazing. Right down to the shirt tucked in, which he informed me is part of the “uniform”. This is such a change for Eli. I’m not saying that he doesn’t know how to put his clothes on, but it’s definitely not something he would willingly choose to go do on his own!

He truly is changing into a little boy before my eyes and I want to grab on tight and bring that baby/toddler back to me. Don’t you all remember those sausage legs and arms that begged to be squeezed? Now he’s just a bundle of lean muscle with hardly a trace of baby fat, although I still catch glimpses of it on his hands and feet. I thought I had another 2 years before this (bus, school, packing lunches) would happen! I am comforted by the fact that he is thrilled by school and questions of “How do you like school?” are replied to with an earnest “Great!”

Such is the road of a parent.

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