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Just like a grab bag, you never know what you might get.

This week we have been wonderfully solicited for money 4 yes, FOUR times.   The 4 needs were:  a split open head (ok, when you get in a fight with a rock you should be prepared to pay your own medical bill); a college visit; a graduation party (the guy appeared to come to church just to hit up all of the internationals, bold move we decided); and a keyboard for a local church congregation.

We met with a wonderful guy named John before we moved to Kenya.  He was an American who grew up in Kenya as the son of Peace Corp workers.  The best advice he gave us:   Agree amongst the two of you to NOT give money or help to anyone for at least 6 months.  Then, after that, pick your causes carefully.  Otherwise, word will get out that you donate freely and there will be people on your doorstep every hour, every day.  Thankfully, we’ve stuck to it except for the occasional 20 bob I’ve given to the blind beggars we see in downtown Thika and Nairobi.

The rest of the grab bag is in picture form:

Eli's got the camera 7-29-09 001







They really like to wrap up random things in the grocery store.  Usually it appears to be things that they must feel should be separated from food.  Hardware, pens, glue, diapers.  I guess they felt my sanitary napkins required wrapping too.  Wouldn’t want anyone to know that I had to buy them.  [Gasp!].  I didn’t realize they’d wrapped them until I took them out of the bag in front of everyone at home.  We all bust out laughing.  We take all forms of humor over here folks!


Grab Bag #3:

Eli's got the camera 7-29-09 002








Not what Ian or I had in mind when we discussed cooking chicken for dinner.  You just never know what might be in the kitchen when you walk in there.  We had about a month free from chickens until one day I heard the not so lovely call of a rooster in the morning.  When I looked out the door I was greeted by 8 chickens our neighbor brought home in their trunk? back set of the car???   These ones are smart, they’ve completely bypassed the metal door barricaded with chicken wire and have gone straight to the barred window that they can squeeze through.  They better be careful or this picture will truly represent what’s gonna happen to them.

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