Giving up a latte (or two).

I wanted to take the time to update the faithful supporters of Ameena Project, and also those of you new to our work.

Megan Steele, one of the Ameena Project co-founders has finished with her visit of the school project in Kiang’ombe, and is on her way home from Burundi, where she was on a work trip for Medical Teams International.  Her reports, were so encouraging!  Here is a brief snippet of what she had to say about her experience:

Unpacking some donated supplies


I’m really impressed with what the staff have done with their limited resources. The supplies are pretty sweet – wooden blocks, toy cars, small chalk boards, tires (of course!), soccer balls. It’s locally made, but nice.”

“The school building and kitchen is in bad shape, but we already knew that. I’m concerned what will happen once the rains come. I got a chance to meet the elders and some community members yesterday. Everyone made it known that they were truly grateful for the program. The elders are pretty sweet. You guys will like them a lot. One guy was missing an eye!!! It caught me off guard a bit.”

You have all been incredible in the past few weeks with your generous donations towards the teacher wish lists.  We have everything we asked for.

But here is where we really need you to partner with us.

We still have the remainder of a year’s operating funds to raise.

We NEED your help to continue to raise about $8,000 to fully fund operations (all expenses) through this next December.

There are many levels of ways you can be involved:

  1. Commit to giving $20/month.  If you gave up 7 lattes you would have reached this goal!you can do it easily now through the paypal donate button on our main page.
  2. You can give a one-time donation.  If  the cost of one i-tunes album ($10?) can school a child for the month–imagine what you can do with a donation of $100, $200 or even more?  How satisfying and rewarding is that?  Incredibly!
  3. You can pledge to raise amongst your friends and circle of acquaintances the operations costs for a whole month-$1400.  If 12 people did this each year, we would be done with the task of fundraising for operating costs!
  4. You can partner in some fun social fundraising events Shari has in the works…more to come about this!

What happens once we are done raising operating costs?

We get to dream & do the fun stuff!

a new cookhouse?   addressing medical needs?  starting animal husbandry projects?  building a playground?  addressing the deteriorating condition of the school house?  buying the guard some work boots?

Like we’ve said before, you, the supporter, have “the right to know exactly how we use donated funds and how we make financial decisions.”

We  want to be responsible and take care of the basics, and then we can have some real fun!

“To whom much is given, much is required.”



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