Evening in the Country Report


For those of you who were not able to make it out to the event and for those who attended and wanted to know how we did, this post is for you. 

We were all so happy with how the event went and couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.  We want to extend great thanks to the amazing group of volunteers who made it all happen, to the awesome musicians who shared their talents with us (check them out on our Friends of Ameena page), and to all of the new supporters of Ameena Project who opened their hearts to this amazing work. 

So yes, this event was a fund raiser and we went in with the goal of raising enough funds to cover operating costs for our school in Kiang’ombe (around $5000) through December 2012.   We also hoped to increase awareness about what we are doing and to provide ways for others to make a difference not only to the project in Kiang’ombe, but also in their own lives.   

A big thank you to the 125 people who made the trek out into the country!  We blew past all of our goals!

A quick run-down of some of the stats: 

$9,446- One time donations & sales that evening

$890 – 1st month funds given from 14 new monthly recurring donors!

$890 – Challenge grant match for new monthly donations!

Even more encouraging for the Ameena Project team is that we are now just a few hundred shy of having our entire monthly operations costs covered by recurring monthly contributions. 

For the first time we are at a place where we can think about how to move forward with program services and community development activities.  

YOU have made that possible!

Please enjoy with us some photos of our successful Evening in the Country.  Our warmest thank you to the Blair family for hosting us at such a magical place and for bringing this event about!



Eva, the daughter of the event photographer in the “forest gallery”. Beautiful girl, amazing photos. Check out Traveling Light Photography http://www.travelinglightphotography.net/
Info Booth
Ian trying to contain Ameena so Grammy could have a little break.
Haley Johnson on a flat bed trailer at dusk. She was amazing!

Rhett doing what he does. The sound was so good I think even Rhett was impressed. Dan and Rhett worked together like PB&J. A wonderful example about what volunteer efforts can do!


Forest Gallery – Images and information about the children we serve, their community and daily life in Kiang’ombe.

We were thrilled to have some awesome food carts out! A pulled pork trailer, taco truck, and beverage tent kept us all happy and full.




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