Eli did have a 1st day of school

It was just almost a month ago now.

Guess I’m a little behind.

He loves school.  I love his uniform.  Easy and simple, no struggles over what to wear in the morning.


Sept 8th 002











Yes, I see there are spots, I think he spilled yogurt and I tried to salvage the “jumper” aka sweater so we didn’t have to go for the backup one.

He is doing great in school.  He has finally adjusted to the full days of school, although I am not adjusted to the fact that he has nightly homework.

He’s a leftie who seems to become a rightie when he’s been in school for some time (they assure me they are not trying to influence him).   As he comes into his own his creativity and perceptiveness are showing themselves.  I love this about him. 

He is friends with EVERYONE and is always asking for their number so I can call them for playdates.  Overall, it is great to see Eli blossom into such a social, delightfully humorous little boy.  Here are his friends Sinclair, Bernadette (twins), Maanov and Ishie at school, posing for my camera on the 1st day:


Sept 8th 004

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