Doctor Update

Sorry that I wasn’t able to write yesterday when we returned home from the doctor and Nairobi.  We have been fighting random power outages for about a week.

So I had an appt. with a wonderful ob/gyn yesterday.  She was everything I had prayed she would be:  knowledgeable, empathetic, encouraging….

But she did confirm that I was in the process of a miscarriage, and sent me for an ultrasound to double check  and it came back in agreement.

It is hard to believe that we were in this position not even a year ago.   In God’s grace, he makes this load easier to bear having had that experience.  My heart was guarded during this pregnancy, and perhaps because of such, it makes it easier to process this loss  and continue on with all of the craziness that is everyday life…kids that need to be mediated, laundry, picking up the never ending  mess, food.

The OB/Gyn didn’t have an explanation for the 2 miscarriages in a row, but I will go back in another week for a repeat ultrasound to make sure everything is ok and then we will run blood tests….she has several ideas on what we might do to better support an early pregnancy so this doesn’t keep happening.  We’ll see how all of that goes.

Thank you to all of you for you prayers of support and healing for our hearts.  If you know us, you know that we love kids and I especially love babies.  🙂   Continue to pray that the physical aspect of this process goes smoothly and with less pain than last time.

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