Cute ‘lil thing

We’ve finally succumbed and have become a 2 computer family…that is 2  computers completely owned by us.  We decided to look into a netbook for me…cute, little and just the right price for  looking on the internet and blogging.  What else does one really do anyhow??  At least, “What else does Anne really do anyhow?”

Here’s what I ended up getting with some handy 1st hand review information from my friend Rhett Lee. 

As opposed to the last computer purchase previously discussed in another blog, I went and test drove web books so I would know exactly what I was getting.   I like this picture because it actually shows how small it is.  It is a heavy web book though at 3.2 lbs.  With that, it still has a 10.2 inch screen and nicely spaced keys.  Oh gosh, I’m getting kind of geeky talking specs like that.  Stop me please!  Next thing you know, I’ll be talking like this about cell phones!

Anyhow, what with moving and all (yes, we are finally out of the house and it is sparkling clean for the renter), this is the best post you are getting.

I know, I know.  Where are the cool pictures from the Tacoma visit, or Eli’s early birthday party with his buddy Jackson?  Or last minute get-to-gethers with friends?  Still safe on the camera, which was thankfully found.    I’ll write “blog update” on my to-do for leaving for Africa in 5 days list.  Right there with “change life insurance beneficiaries” and “write will”.

Phew.  I’m ready for bed.  Are you as tired as I feel?

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