We traveled to Idaho to spend Christmas at my brother’s newly remodeled (read totally gutted and redone) farm house.

Here are Eli and Lucy on their way to the gate:


Then we arrived, had some yummy home-made split pea soup made by my s-i-l Kori, and hung up the stockings.  Kori looked like this pretty much the whole time we were in Idaho:








The stockings all hung with care and the mantle laden with gifts (doesn’t their place look great?):










We had a great time with my brother & Kori, my sister Cindi and her family, my mom and her boyfriend Peter, and Uncle Richard:















This is what their place looked like all blanketed in snow.  It’s quite a ways out of town, so it made for a serene scene if you were outside away from the ruckus caused by kids:








Here was the table set for Christmas dinner:


Katie (not sure if I’m spelling it right), Andy & Kori’s dog wanting to get in on some of the action:









We had a great time!!  We can’t wait to go again!


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