Book me

Not at the police station mind you, I think Ian’s had more than enough interaction with the police for all of us.

No, instead, I am finally getting around to taking my “booking slip” in the hospital today.

I should have done it 3 weeks ago.

But I have to take my wallet with me, and honestly, I haven’t wanted to part with my money quite yet.  That, and I’m really not sure if I can pay on my card or if I actually have to get that much cash.

I’m having this baby at Aga Khan Hospital.  (Huge sigh of relief for anyone who knows the hospital system here……even people from neighboring countries come over to have services done at Aga Khan).

My doctor told me I needed to pay a deposit of ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND shillings with my booking.  I don’t care what the conversion rate is 100,000 is a lot of anything!  It actually translates to something like $1300.  That isn’t horrible when all said and done I hope to have this baby for 5 grand, but sheesh, who wants to walk around with that kind of dough?  I’ve done it a few times, and it’s really an uncomfortable feeling.  You’re looking over your shoulder every 30 seconds like there’s a neon sign on your head blinking “MONEY!, MONEY!” and everyone is gonna jump you.

At least my pregnant belly might distract them all.

I’ll let you know if they’ll let me put this “deposit” on my gymboree VISA.  I think I’ve used that card a sum total of 5 times, but this would definitely get me closer to a reward gift card! 

I dreamt last night that the US government was no longer requiring pregnant Americans to travel to Nairobi to have babies OR to have insurance.  I think my subconscious fears of not getting to Nairobi on time to have the baby, and of paying this deposit are starting to surface.

Update:  So, my “booking” went great, except my Gymboree VISA was declined (of course I called the company before I came to Kenya to make sure it would always be ready and available to use, especially in an emergency…which this is not….but it wasn’t “available” either).  But, the nice male booking clerk offered to just let me make a deposit of 50,000 shillings, so out came the debit card and it is done.  He assured me that I could pay the balance of my bill when I was there for the baby.  So kind of him!

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