The Best Laid Plans

can easily be turned upside down in Kenya.

Take Day 4 of the Tour.  This was supposed to be our agenda:  Giraffe Park & Amani Ya Juu.

Our agenda changed into:  Airport, Salvation Army Headquarters to take care of business & Amani Ya Juu.

Erika and Rhett got a call that 3 of their 4 bags had arrived & we could pick them up.  The airport is easily an hour out of the way of anything, without traffic.  But, since they were on day 4 of wearing their clothes, we decided it would be a nice host thing to do and take them to hopefully retrieve the bag with their clothes in it.

We were successful.  Erika even managed to get our gas reimbursed.  She’s the best at handling airport types!  **Insert big smile here**

Rhett and Erika were really good sports about having to ditch the idea of getting to the giraffe park.  There’s just only so much you can squeeze into a Nairobi day what with hours of sitting in traffic.

We had a wonderful time eating and shopping though at Amani Ya Juu.  Erika purchased some wonderful African batiked green napkins and hotpads with serving spoons (I threw in the matching cloth trivet).  I found a few pieces for the baby that I have been eyeing since before finding out that it was a girl.  It was a successful shopping trip for all!

Dad and Lucy hanging out

Lucy hanging out at Amani ya Juu, with her baby, Kenyan style

Yummy lunch




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